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The members of the NBA Welfare Committee are as follows:-

  1. Monday Ubani
  2. Adesina Adegbite
  3. Anas Naandeti
  4. Sadiq Mohammed Kachallah
  5. Baba Gana Karumi
  6. Dr Ibrahim Abikan
  7. Chioma Williams
  8. Oladipo Ajayi
  9. Damilola Onabanjo

Terms of Reference

  1. To formulate a blue print/strategy on the welfare of lawyers.
  2. To draw up an action plan for the implementation of the NBA Welfare blue print.
  3. To implement the NBA welfare policy and blue print. 
  4. To effectively look into matters which include designing a nationwide insurance policy to cover the risk to which legal practitioners are exposed to in the course of performance of their duties such as accidents, death, whether by natural causes or other means.
  5. To formulate a sound, pragmatic welfare package for young lawyersthat will accommodate matters of pupilage, remuneration, work ethics, and integration into the legal profession and encourage specialization into the various areas of practice, etc.
  6. Effect where necessary, the establishment of the lawyers’ cooperative societies at the branch levels of the NBA to help members overcome some financial burdens.
  7. Implement the pension scheme and insurance scheme policies as laid down by the Welfare Trust Foundation.
  8. Effect practical ways of acquiring funding particularly for mid level legal practitioners, to cover their everyday need such as car loans, soft loans for the acquisition of a law office and/or law office equipment, law books subsidy, etc.
  9. Sensitization and implementation of the NBA Healthcare Management Scheme.
  10. And other approved tasks and assignments that will assist the Committee in achieving their over all mandate.


List of members-


Their Terms of Reference are;

  1. To advocate for the Implementation of National action plan on Human Rights.
  2. To coordinate human rights policies and programmes at the national and branch levels.
  3. To promote, protect and enforce Human Rights under a just rule of law.
  4. To promote and protect the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession in Nigeria.
  5. To establish and maintain relations with the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute.
  6. To adopt and implement standards, practices and instruments regarding Human Rights accepted and enacted by the community.
  7. To establish and maintain relations with the National Human rights commission.
  8. To strengthen advocacy for the respect of Human Rights of Nigerians.
  9. To promote regional mechanisms for the enforcement of Fundamental Human Rights.
  10. To advocate for the Domestication and Implementation of Treaties relating to Human Rights.
  11. To acquire and disseminate information concerning issues relating to Human Rights.


  1. Work with the 125 branches of the NBA to set up an Anti-Corruption Committee in each Branch.
  2. Set and maintain the highest standards of conduct aimed at avoiding corrupt practices at the Bar and the Bench.
  3. Establish formal and transparent mechanisms for applying anti-bribery and corruption prevention measures.
  4. Monitor and investigate allegations of corruption leveled against members of the Bar and Bench.
  5. Identify practitioners who carry out corrupt activities in the legal profession and justice system and forward their names and evidence of corruption practices to the relevant agencies for prompt action and prosecution.
  6. Identify corrupt practices and factors or circumstances that promote corruption in the Bar and Bench.
  7. Organize roundtable/stakeholders meeting on the negative impact of corruption on the economy for the Anti-Corruption Day, the 9th of December 2017.
  8. Develop and facilitate policy dialogue and anti-corruption training courses/workshop for stakeholders in the fight against corruption.
  9. Develop feedback mechanism from anti corruption agencies and the general public.
  10. Do all things necessary to ensure a corruption free society.


Terms of Reference

  1. Work with the 125 branches of the NBA to set up Voters Registration Complaint Centers to provide detailed reports on the exercise.
  2. To observe and collate reports on the progress of voters registration exercise from the 125 branches of the Nigerian Bar Association.
  3. To monitor elections and submit reports of the exercise to the President of the NBA.
  4. To organize training programs for key officers in the various branches who will in turn replicate same in their branches for the purpose of election monitoring.
  5. To open a link on the NBA website where laws, rules, guidelines and regulations guiding the general elections can be accessed and also create a website where activities of the Working Group can be assessed.
  6. To initiate discussions with security agencies to ensure a secured environment for the elections, as well as to set up meetings with traditional and religious leaders and other leaders of thought.
  7. To partner with Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders in respect of electoral reforms and activities.
  8. To develop programmes in areas of elections, electoral reforms and voter education.
  9. To carry out tasks and assignments that will assist this administration to achieve its public interest objectives.


Terms of reference are

  1. To ensure that law enforcement policies and practices employed to investigate, charge, and prosecute individuals are appropriate and accurate.
  2. To organise conferences, colloquium, workshops and roundtable that will ensure an effective system by making policy makers, evaluate and propose recommendation for a better criminal justice system in Nigeria.
  3. To study and come out with recommendations on the Administration of Criminal Justice Bill worked upon by the Panel on Implementation of Justice Reform set up by the Honourable Attorney General of the Federation.
  4. Toredefine the roles of Security and Anti Crime Agencies in the attainment of Criminal Justice.
  5. To unify, harmonize and modernize the criminal code and the penal code, and keep them relevant to the needs of our contemporary society.
  6. To identify obstacles in the apprehension and prompt prosecution of offenders.
  7. To formulate practice direction for prosecutors, and a total revamp of criminal trials with a view to enhancing the speedy dispensation of justice.


Terms of Reference

  1. To collate, edit and publish the NBA Bar Journal.
  2. To perform other assignments that will assist this administration achieve its set objectives.


The Terms of Reference of this Committee are as follows:


  1. To design a legislative advocacy strategy that will facilitate speedy passage of Bills into law.
  2. To advocate for the passage of justice sector related Bills into law.
  3. To advocate for the repealing and replacement of the Legal Practitioners Act.
  4. To review and support the passage of Bills supported by the NBA into Law.
  5. To engage and partner with the National Assembly in ensuring passage of Bills into law.


The Terms of Reference of this Forum are as follows:

  1. To formulate policies that will further the interest of young lawyers of the NBA.
  2. To promote and protect the interest of young lawyers in Nigeria.
  3. To advocacy for the welfare of young lawyers in Nigeria.
  4. To design and advocate for mentorship programme young lawyers.



Terms of References are as follows:

  1. To prosecute lawyers against whom prima facie case of professional misconduct has been established.
  2. To work with the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee in achieving its objectives.


Formal Inauguration of the NBA/CIBN Technical Committee:

The President/Chairman of Council, CIBN noted that the members of the Committee have been carefully selected and charged them to dispose of their duty diligently.

 The members of the Committee are as follows:

  1. Nosike Agokei (CIBN) –          Chairman
  2. Isiaka Abiola Olagunju (NBA, General Secretary) -          Vice Chairman
  3. Mrs. Adeyinka Egbaiyelo, FCIB (CIBN)                 -          Secretary
  4. Mr. Segun Shonubi    (CIBN)                                 -          Member
  5. Grace Igyo Esq         (NBA)                                 -          Member
  6. Dominic E. Obozuwa (NBA)                                  -           Member

 Terms of Reference for the NBA/CIBN Technical Committee

  1. To organise seminars, workshops and training programmes for Lawyers and Bankers on legal and banking issues especially Ethics, Professionalism, Credit Documentation and Administration, etc.
  2. To establish a Sub-Committee to jointly review Bills relating to banking and legal issues;
  3. To jointly award certification on Capacity Building for Lawyers and Bankers; and
  4. To consider other matters referred to it by the Council of the CIBN, the National Executive Committee of the NBA (NEC) or the governing bodies of both organisations.


By the letter dated 28/12/2016 the membership of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Legal Profession Regulation Review Committee was constituted.

The members of the Committee comprise the following:
1. Chief Anthony Idigbe SAN -Chairman
2. Mrs Funke Adekoya SAN -Member
3. Chief Arthur Obi Okafor SAN -Member
4. Mr. Paul Usoro SAN -Member
5. Prof Taiwo Osipitan SAN -Member
6. Mr. Yakubu Maikyau SAN -Member
7. Mrs. Bisi Soyebo SAN -Member
8. Prof. M. L. Ahmadu -Member
9. Prof. Konyinsola Ajayi SAN -Member
10. Prof Ernest Ojukwu SAN -Member
11. Prof. A. H. Yadudu -Member
12. Mr. Olanrewaju Onadeko SAN -Member
13. Prof. U.U Chukwumaeze -Member
14. Dr. Mike Adeleke -Member
15. Prof Ikpeze Ogugua -Member
16. Dr Aminu Gamawa -Secretary
17. Prof Dakas C.J Dakas SAN -Member
18. Prof Augustine Agom -Member
19. Prof Osita Ogbu -Member
20. Patricia Igwebuike -Member
21. Mrs. Sade Aladeniyi -Member
22. Mr. Ibrahim Muktar -Member
23. Mr. Eric Otojahi -Assistant Secretary
24. Olive S. Akem – Vingir -Member
25. Jideofor Onuoha -Member
26. Temitope Ige -Member
27. Mr. Rotimi Odusola -Member
28. Zubaida Mahmoud -Member
29. Mohammed Adelodun -Member
30. Sa’adatu Hamu-Aliyu -Member

NBA Secretariat
31. Ajijola Omega Sarah - NBA Secretariat
32. Zainab Animashaun -OPNBA
33. Adebayo Adewale -OPNBA

Agency /Forum Representatives
34. Jonathan Akinsanya - British Lawyers Forum
35. Dr. Tony Clinton Jaja -Legislative Institute
36. Mrs. Stella Anukam -Office of the Attorney General of the Federation

The terms of reference of your committee are hereby stated as follows:

1.      To review the current regulatory objectives and the regulatory architecture of the legal profession and advise on its suitability to meet the current requirements for a robust, responsive and independent modern legal profession in Nigeria;

2.      To determine on whether the Nigerian Bar Association should retain both its regulatory and representative functions in the legal profession and if so, what necessary measures should be put in place to strengthen these roles and ensure that neither is compromised. 

3.      In particular, to review the role of the Body of Benchers, the General Council of the Bar, the Council for Legal Education, the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the Nigerian Bar Association in the regulation of the legal profession and determine if the roles being played by these institutions and organs are appropriate to meet the needs of a robust and modern and independent legal profession in Nigeria;

4.      To determine for instance, given the current composition of the Body of Benchers, if its role should not be formal and ceremonial limited to formal call to bar and formal disbarment of members of the legal profession, whilst ceding the more rigorous duty of regulation to the more appropriate organs either of the NBA or the General Council of the Bar or any desirable agency.

5.      To obtain the proposed bills for review of the Legal Practitioners Act pending at the National Assembly and review same in the light of the recommendations arising from the work of the committee envisaged in these TOR;

6.      To review the current standards for admission into the Nigerian Bar and recommend changes.  In particular determine whether the current threshold of 40% as pass mark for bar examinations at the Nigerian Law School is realistic and determine how such thresholds compare with entry requirements into the legal professions across Africa and the rest of the world and make appropriate recommendations.   

7.      To examine given the current size of the legal profession, its exponential growth in recent years relative to the needs of the Nigerian economy, the desirability of candidates seeking admission to the law faculties in Nigeria to possess a degree in another discipline as a condition for admission. 

8.      To review the ethical requirements for admission into the legal profession and determine the adequacy of such requirements and how best to maintain high ethical and professional standards in the legal profession. 

9.      To determine if aside from admission to the bar there should be a separate requirement for licensing law offices and advise how best to regulate and monitor such licensing.

10.  To advise on the need to introduce a system of pupilage into the legal profession and advise on the duration and how best to administer such a system of pupilage.  

11.   To make any appropriate recommendations the Task Force deems necessary or to achieve the objective of strengthening the legal profession in Nigeria.

12.  To submit its report on or before the 30th Day of April 2017



  1. Albert Akpomudje SAN                     -           Chairman
  2. Ledum Mitee Esq.                              -           Alternate Chairman
  3. Alex Muoka Esq.                                -           Secretary
  4. Mianaya Essien SAN                          -           Member
  5. Ajuya Charles SAN                            -           Member
  6. Offiong Bassey Offiong SAN             -           Member
  7. Mba E. Ukweni, SAN                          -           Member
  8. Sosepriye Long Williams, Esq.         -           Member
  9. Kelvin Ejelonu, Esq.                           -           Member
  10. Muyiwa Olowokure, Esq.                  -           Member
  11. Sagir Gezawa, Esq.                             -           Member
  12. Lilian Ene Oga (Mrs.)                        -           Member
  13. Nkiruka Maduekwe, Esq.                  -           Member



  • Providing legal assistance and support to our members affected by the conflict;
  • Providing pro bono legal assistance to individuals and communities within the region affected by the conflict;
  • Providing pro bono legal assistance to all parties in the conflict working towards negotiated resolution and reconciliation;
  • Providing legal support to advise on the general challenges in the region with a view to enhancing environmental protection and the quality of life in the region;
  • Monitoring developments in the region especially human rights observance and flagging issues needing immediate attention and engagement by the Nigerian Bar Association.


By the letter dated 6/10/2016 the membership of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Stamp and Seal Committee was constituted. The Committee has the following members:

  1. Boma Ozobia OON                       Chairperson
  2. Omubo Victor Frank Briggs           Member, Chairman, NBA, Portharcourt
  3. Prof. Augustine Agom                    Member, Chairman, NBA, Zaria.
  4. Akeem Agbaje Esq.                       Member, Chairman, NBA, Ibadan.
  5. Yusuf A Abdullahi                          Member, Law Officers Assn of Nig.
  6. Paul Daudu                                    Member, Young Lawyers Forum
  7. M. Salamatu N. Sidi                       Secretary, Deputy Director, Membership



  • To review the entire stamp process
  • To identify and recommend solutions for factors militating against speedily dispensation of stamp.
  • To review the separation of stamp in practice i.e public or private.



1.            Prof. Mohammed M. Tabiu                          -              Chairman
2.            Prof. Ayo Atsenuwa                                     -              Alternate Chairman
3.            Kunle Adegoke Esq.                                    -              Secretary
4.            Prof. Isa Hayatu Chiroma                             -              Member
5.            Rakiya Mukhtar Tofa, Esq                            -              Member
6.            Altine Ibrahim, Esq.                                      -              Member
7.            Hapsatu H. Abdullahi (Ms)                           -              Member
8.            Muhammad Mahmood Maidoki, Esq       -              Member
9.            Lauretta N. Ikwuka, Esq.                              -              Member
10.          Hauwa Shekarau, Esq.                                  -              Member
11.          Amina Ibrahim, Esq.                                      -              Member
12.          Aderonke Ige, Esq.                                       -              Member
13.          Alfa Abdulwasiu, Esq.                                   -              Member
14.          Isa Muhammad Nuruddeen, Esq.              -              Member


  • To assist our members affected by the conflict
  • To provide pro bono legal services to individuals and communities in the region who are victims of the conflict to aid the process or rehabilitation, resettlement and reconciliation
  • To provide expert services to Federal and State Governments of the States in the region and the National Assembly on devising appropriate legal framework and other legal services for the reconstruction of the region
  • To advise on broader issues of transitional justice to assist the process of reconciliation and reconstruction
  • To monitor the region especially human rights observance and flag issues requiring the attention and engagement of the Nigerian Bar Association



Members of the Steering Committee of the NBA Bar Leaders’ Summit

  1. Olisa Agbakoba, SAN                         Chairman
  2. Funke Adekoya, SAN
  3. Dr Garba Tetengi, SAN
  4. Boma Ozobia, Esq
  5. Umar Kulliya Malik

Members of the Technical Committee of the NBA Bar Leaders’ Summit

  1. Chidi Odinkalu, Esq                          Chairman, Technical Committee
  2. Murtala Abdul-Rasheed Esq             Secretary, Technical Committee
  3. Chino Obiagwu Esq  
  4. Dr Balkisu Saidu Esq
  5. Adedoyin Rhodes-Vivour Esq
  6. Aminu Gadanya Esq 
  7. Dominic Obozuwa, Esq        
  8. Zainab Animashaun, Esq     
  9. Rebecca Udosen

Our Address

NBA House,
Plot 1101 Mohammadu Buhari Way,
Central Business District, Abuja F.C.T. Nigeria
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +234810 402 5812

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